T-Shirt of the Day – Descendents Classic Milo T-Shirt

Descendents Milo T-Shirt

A classic Decendents t-shirt featuring the “Milo” band logo!

We just got a ton of new punk t-shirts in from Epitaph Records last week, so we thought this would be a great time to pick one of our new shirts as the t-shirt of the day. Today, we’re featuring the Descensents Classic Milo t-shirt. As far as punk rock symbolism and logos go, Milo is pretty tame! You’re not going to see any swastikas or religious symbolism here!

The Descendents t-shirt of the day features a simple-single color white print of Milo on the front of a super soft 100% cotton men’s t-shirt. The Milo design was originally developed by a high school classmate of Milo Aukerman, the singer of the Descendents. It was part of a sketch featuring the members of the band. Since it’s original creation, the Descendents Milo “logo” has appeared on 1000s of Descendents t-shirts, coffee cups, stickers and other merch. Personally, I think Milo’s pretty cute. I guess I like that. You don’t get “cute” too often in punk rock, but I guess that fits the Descendents too. In general, Milo Aukerman’s lyrics while in the Descendents were “less heavy” and more fun than other punk bands of the time.

You can grab this cool Descendents t-shirt at Rock-n-Roll-Action-Figures.com on their Descendents t-shirts page.