Vintage Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Sells for $10,000!

Vintage t shirts are known to sell for a ton of money online, but recently a vintage Led Zeppelin t-shirt took the record for the most expensive vintage band t-shirt ever when it sold for $10,000! It was a rare Zeppelin t shirt that was part of a limited edition of shirts printed back in 1979. It also doubled as a backstage pass for one of the band’s 1979 UK performances.

The vintage Led Zeppelin t shirt was purchased by an anonymous buyer on the popular auction site Kyle Erminger posted the shirt on the auction site. He originally bought it for a little more than $100.

“At the time, I thought I may have overpaid, until I got back home, looked it up online and noticed it was ranked #1 as the rarest Zeppelin t-shirt”

When Kyle finally listed the vintage Led Zeppelin shirt on ebay he was amazed to see that he got his huge selling price for the shirt. According to the Kyle, it was a big surprise when the shirt sold for the monstrous $10,000 price tag. Although Kyle is happy to share his once-in-a-lifetime seller story, the buyer hasn’t been as keen to jump into the limelight. To date, the Australian buyer of the Zeppelin shirt has remained anonymous.

Alternatives to Vintage Band T Shirts for Music Fans

A truly vintage Led Zeppelin t shirt is awesome to have if you can afford the huge price tag. After all, you’re not just paying for the shirt, you’re paying for a piece of rock n roll history and the story that goes along with it. Unfortunately, for most people, paying a few thousand bucks for a band t shirt isn’t a reality. Luckily, manufacturers of new band t shirts have caught on to the fashion trends featuring vintage t shirts. For example, check out this cool vintage-inspired Led Zeppelin America 1977 t shirt. Although it’s not a truely vintage Led Zeppelin t shirt, it does feature a great distressed print and super soft cotton to give it a vintage feel… and it’s about $9,980 cheaper than the one sold on ebay! Other more reasonable priced vintage inspired band t-shirts, including Led Zeppelin shirts, can be bought online in the t shirt shop at

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