Liquid Blue Grabs License to Produce Led Zeppelin T Shirts

Earlier this year Liquid Blue announced that they have come to an agreement with the licensing division of Live Nation to produce t shirts featuring iconic imagery from Led Zeppelin. This isn’t the first time that Led Zeppelin and Liquid Blue have come to terms for the production of Led Zeppelin t shirts. A few years back, Liquid Blue was manufacturing Led Zeppelin t shirts, but that agreement was terminated.

Liquid Blue Led Zeppelin T Shirt

Liquid Blue Led Zeppelin T Shirt

It’s not clear to us what happened with the agreement. It is possible that the licensing just ran its course. The great news is that Liquid Blue and Led Zeppelin are back together again producing some great Led Zeppelin t shirts and other merchandise!

Liquid Blue is a specialty manufacturer of licensed t shirts and other merchandise. They hold dozens of licenses, but their largest product lines include the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and KISS. They also hold a number of sporting licenses for shirts featuring NFL (football) and MLB (baseball) imagery.

Liquid Blue T-Shirts – A Unique Blend of Quality and Style

We have 1000s of t-shirts come through our warehouses each month and we can say with 100% assurance that the quality of Liquid Blue t-shirts is some of the highest in the industry. Most manufacturers of licensed t shirts print on stock shirts from companies like Bay Island Sportswear, Gildan and Anvil. Liquid Blue t shirts are made of U.S. cotton and manufactured in Mexico specifically for Liquid Blue. Having custom cut-and-sew manufacturing in place allows Liquid Blue to keep a close eye on the quality of all their t shirts. The shirts are slightly heavier than a standard band t-shirt. The thread counts seem to be high and the shirts are durable and very high quality. In addition to the great quality, Liquid Blue is known for their tie dye t-shirts. Their combinations of tie dye t-shirts and quality printing, makes them a favorite of band t-shirt fans. The unique combination of tie dye t-shirts and screen printed designs really sets Liquid Blue apart in the band t shirt industry.

Led Zeppelin T Shirts

Unfortunately, for Liquid Blue, they’re not the only player in the Led Zeppelin t shirt game. The merchandising division of Live Nation also makes some great Led Zeppelin t-shirts. The Zeppelin shirts from Live Nation are fashion-forward designs directed towards fans of vintage styled shirts. Live Nation has recreated a number of vintage Led Zeppelin t-shirts with new twists to cater to the fashion conscience buyer.

Additional Liquid Blue and Led Zeppelin T Shirt Information

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