Bravado Entertainment Strikes a Deal with Zion Rootswear to Distribute Wholeale Bob Marley T-Shirts and Merchandise

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It’s been more than 30 years since Bob Marley passed away due to complications from cancer. In the three decades that have passed, Bob Marley’s music continues gain new fans as it transcends genres and influences new artists. The popularity of Bob Marley has not waned since his death. In fact, Marley’s music has consistently topped the sales charts for singles purchased (including digital downloads) over the past decade. Many fans see the Rastafarian images of Bob Marley as more than just a music, but also as a lifestyle. This has driven a strong demand for licensed Bob Marley merchandise. It has been reported that sales of products featuring the likeness of Bob Marley typically top 100 million dollars per year! Since his death, the Bob Marley family has closely held the licensing rights to use the likeness of Bob Marley on products such as t shirts, clothing, beachwear, toys and more.

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Zion Rootswear Bob Marley Merchandise

Until 2013, the Bob Marley family has distributed wholesale Bob Marley t-shirts and merchandise through their company Zion Rootswear. Zion Rootswear managed all of the wholesale distribution and manufacturing of Bob Marley merchandise along side additional merchandise designed by the heirs of Bob Marley. This includes a fashion lifestyle brand designed by Cedella Marley. Cedella is the first-born daughter of Bob. Zion Rootswear took the image of Bob Marley and created much more than t-shirts. According to many industry experts, Zion Rootswear as become a fully realized lifestyle fashion brand.

Bravado Entertainment Takes on Wholesale Bob Marley Merchandise

It was just announced this week that music merchandising and licensing industry juggernaut, Bravado Entertainment, just struck a deal with the Bob Marley family and Zion Rootswear to take over complete distribution and manufacturing of all Bob Marley merchandise. It appears that a deal was struck with the Bob Marley family when Bravado made an investment in Zion Rootswear. Although the details of the deal are not public, spokespeople from within Bravado are verifying that this is one of the largest single investments Bravado has made in a merchandising company.

Retailers wishing to sell Bob Marley merchandise can expect a gap in the supply chain over the next few months, but according to our contact at Bravado, we expect to receive new product information in the next 30-60 days. Retailers that are interested in purchasing wholesale Bob Marley merchandise can do so through the online distribution division of Rockline Enterprises LLC found online at

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